Completed Task 1

After being set the task of creating a poster showing the letters A-Z occurring naturally, I spent some time looking at examples of this kind of work online. We were shown this example in our seminar:


An example I found while researching is the work of Abba Richman:


Something I liked about both of these examples is how they centred their ideas around something to join them together. The first used a consistent theme so all the letters were very similar, and the second made each image black and white, in order to increase consistency.

Using this work for inspiration, I set off on a walk along the beach, taking photos of anything which could be viewed as a letter of the alphabet. It took a few hours, due to difficult letters like Q, G, and J, but eventually I found all the letters I needed. I then used the techniques we’ve been taught in our photoshop workshops, such as non-destructive editing, layer masks, and alignment, to display the images in a poster. This is my first attempt:

task 1

However, I decided that the black background didn’t look good on my blog, and that a transparent background would make the image look good over any colour background. I also thought the O, despite being one of my favourite pictures because of its colours, didn’t fit nicely with the rest of the pictures, as I had subconsciously chosen to follow a man-made theme. The bright colours, as well as the black space were both things that I thought drew the viewers eye away from the overall alphabet to focus specifically on them. I made a second poster making some small changes, and I am much happier with the outcome:

task-1 copy

In hindsight, having a central theme to focus on before setting out to photograph my alphabet would have made the poster look slightly better, although the letters would probably have been much harder to find. After changing the colour of the empty space, my poster looks slightly disjointed, but it would be very difficult to find a layout for the alphabet where this is not the case, due to the awkward number of letters there is. Overall, I am relatively pleased with how my first task turned out.


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