Completed Task 2

For this weeks task, I borrowed a Canon 450d from Technical Support, as I required the ability to change exposure speeds and aperture.

Part One

For the first part of the task I was required to make a joiner, in the style of David Hockney. I took pictures of a vinyl record, to try and maintain the theme of cycle, then joined my separate pictures together using photoshop. This is the result:

Part Two

The second part of the task required us to take creative images exploiting long exposure, while maintaining the theme of cycle. For this part of the task I bought some glowsticks, and spent some time playing around with light painting, before producing some shots that I was pleased with.
I think the pictures which best represent my theme of cycle are the infinity symbol and the circles, for obvious reasons.
_MG_3262 _MG_3263


Exposure time: 2 seconds

While most of these light paintings were relatively simple, I decided to try something slightly more complicated, and so while maintaining the theme of cycle, I attempted a bicycle:

Exposure time: 6 seconds

I also attempted some motion blur photography of cars at a roundabout, but due to less than desirable weather, I couldn’t spend a long time getting the perfect shot. This is the best outcome of the photos I took:

Exposure time: 4 seconds

Part Three

The third part of the task required me to produce creative photographs exploiting short exposure, again maintaining the theme of cycle. For this part I focused on water, and using a short shutter speed, I captured these images:

_MG_3324 _MG_3315 fountain

Exposure time: 1/125 seconds

Overall, I am mostly please with the outcome of my photos, but I think with more time and more focus on the theme of ‘cycle’, I could have produced slightly better, more relevant photographs. There was the issue of lighting in many of my photographs, as a lot of the rejected photos turned out either too bright or too dark depending on the exposure time. I did some research and found that the only way to effectively take long exposure shots in the daytime would be to use a Neutral Density Filter to prevent too much light entering the lens. For my short exposure pictures I required the use of the flash, and some other light sources would have been useful. If I were to do this task again I would do my best to fix these lighting issues.


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