Completed Task 3

Part one of this task was completed in our seminar this week. Using a strip of paper separated into twelve sections, I drew a basic shape in each section. This was then put in a Praxinoscope, allowing me to view it as animation would have been viewed many years ago. After the seminar, I took pictures of the individual sections of my strip to make into frames, and digitised it into the gif below:


The theme for this part of the task was ‘cycle’ by default, due to the cyclical nature of the Praxinoscope, but I made use of a circular shape in order to further enhance the theme.

Part two of this task required the creation of a short experimental stop motion video, created around the theme of cycle. For my first attempt at this I used Lego figures, as seen below:

I was not completely happy with this, because I didn’t use a tripod, and so struggled to take each picture from the same angle and distance, causing it to be very jumpy. It also doesn’t really capture the theme of cycle, so I made a second attempt using coins:

This worked slightly better than my previous attempt, as it is slower and not as jumpy, and focuses a little more on the theme of cycle. However I am still not 100% happy with it and in the future I would like to develop my animation skills more, to enable me to create better pieces of work.


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