Animation With Abstraction

This week in our seminar we were not set a specific task, instead we were encouraged to spend some more time on animation, particularly abstract visualisation.

Two artists who famously worked with abstraction were Pierre Hebert and Josef Albers.

Pierre Hebert was most famously known for his piece ‘Around Perception’:

Josef Albers was a well known member of the Bauhaus movement, particularly for his work with ‘Homage to a Square’ as seen below:

After conducting this research, I took inspiration from these pieces, and combined aspects of Pierre and Hebert’s work in my own attempt at animation with abstraction.


This is a simple gif I made on a single piece of paper, then photographed using an iphone camera, and I am relatively happy with the outcome.

I then attempted to digitise this animation by redrawing it through Photoshop, but I am not as happy with this outcome. Due to the fact I was using the touchpad on my laptop, drawing the spiral turned out to be quite difficult, especially when trying to make it look even in every frame. However, I would like to spend some more time working on animating through photoshop, and I think with practice, gifs like this would look much better.



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