Processing Workshop 4

This workshop introduced us to the basics of coding using HTML and CSS, using a program called Brackets. I was familiar with this type of coding already, and had some past experience with it, but this first workshop allowed me to expand on the knowledge I already had. We created a basic web page, using CSS code from, and wrote the HTML ourselves. We also integrated some java code, adding an interactive element to the web page, something I was not familiar with. Below is a screenshot of the code I wrote, and the outcome of the webpage.
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 16.29.18

I found programming with HTML much easier than when I began coding with Java, due to the fact that the code we were writing was not completely unfamiliar to me. However, I only have a very basic knowledge of it, and so I look forward to learning more and expanding that knowledge, allowing me to achieve much more with my code.


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