Task 4 – Kinetic Typography

This week we were set our fourth task in the seminar, which involves kinetic typography. We have to ‘Use and develop your knowledge of AfterEffects to generate a sequence of no less than 20 seconds in which kinetic typography is used to accompany and enhance a soundtrack featuring voice.’
The soundtrack could be chosen by me, or I could use the audio clip provided.

Kinetic typography is essentially just the technical name for ‘moving text’. It involves movement of text in an interesting way, usually with an accompanying audio clip, to creatively present a message.
Kinetic typography is often used in the opening sequences to TV shows or movies, for example, in the opening credits for ‘Anatomy Of A Murder’:

For the task, we were encouraged to use only text, and avoid including images in our project. An example of this text-only kinetic typography, and the strong visual effect it can have can be seen below:

I particularly like this piece, because of the way only two fonts were used, meaning there was no overcrowding. I also liked the way the words all fit together nicely in a box formation, giving the scenes order, which is something I would like to try and recreate with my piece.


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