Development and Realisation – Initial Research

As this project requires me to create a poster communicating a message with minimal text, I decided to take a look at some examples of this kind of work.

One website we were introduced to in our seminar was, a collection of infographics on a range of topics. These posters gave me some ideas about how to lay out my own poster, demonstrating the wide variety of ways to present information.
One I particularly liked is shown below:

This poster is demonstrating leading causes of death in the 20th Century, and does so using minimal writing. It uses the size of the circles to immediately show the viewer which causes are most common, and it doesn’t require a key as it is simple enough to figure out independently.

This infographic is an interactive one I found on the Guardian website, demonstrating the causes and effects of climate change:
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.32.54
By selecting a category at the top, the map contorts to display the most relevant continents as much bigger. Although my poster cannot be interactive like this, I think that the idea of different continents or countries being different sizes is interesting, and could be something I could integrate into my project.


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