Development and Realisation – Data Collection

To collect the data for my poster I followed the link provided in the brief to The World Factbook (, where I found a list of the countries of the world ordered by life expectancy. In order to avoid my poster being cluttered with too much information, I have decided to only represent data for countries in Europe.

I then copied and pasted the data for my selected countries into a word document in order to visualise it more clearly, without the irrelevant countries in between. This gave me an idea of the variations in the data, and showed me that my design would have to take into consideration the fact that the data does not have a very large spread. This means that a full timeline from 0 to 100 will not be effective, as the data for each country is the same for a large majority of that time. In order to visualise this data clearly, I will have to focus heavily on the fifteen year period between 70 and 85, as this is the time when the data is most interesting.


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