Development and Realisation – Initial Ideas

After selecting my theme and researching some other graphics, I began to sketch out some basic ideas.


This was my initial idea for my poster, but I decided it was too literal, and I would rather take a more abstract approach to my design.
After some more consideration, I narrowed it down from life expectancy of all the countries of the world to just countries in Europe. This was because trying to display data for hundreds of countries would end up too cluttered and dense, and it would be much more difficult to make my poster aesthetically pleasing.


This is a page of some slightly more abstract ideas I had, while trying to stay away from just using a literal map. I had some ideas using space, and others using time, but I still thought many of these ideas were very basic.

Bastille (ft. Kate Tempest & Jay Brown) - Forever Ever (Lyrics)

This was my final idea, and the one that I have chosen to develop in the end. I took inspiration from a poster on animal extinction with a similar structure. As my timeline won’t be starting at 0, I liked the idea of each line running up the page a certain distance together, before the data begins to change. This idea primarily works with displaying time, and so to identify which country relates to which line I have decided to have the flag of each country at the end.


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