Development and Realisation – Final Poster Adjustments

My poster is almost complete, so to finish it off I made some small adjustments to it.

The first image is an initial finished version of my poster, and the second is the final version which I will be submitting. I decided that the colours on the first one were too drab, and so nothing on the poster really stood out at first glance. Firstly, I changed the colours of my ‘tree’, to a lighter green and brown. I think this gave it more vibrance against the dark background. I also lightened the background colour, as I felt the initial background colour just wasn’t right for the poster. Finally I changed the colour of my text, so it would stand out more on the background. I also increased the length of the ‘trunk’ of my tree to make it look more like a tree, and so I had to adjust the scaling at the side. I think this makes better use of the available area on my poster, as there is less empty space towards the top. Overall I think my final poster looks much better, and that by changing the colours I used the entire poster looks more vibrant and visually appealing.


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