After Effects Workshop 2

In our After Effects workshop today, we were introduced to the basics of making videos using a green screen.
We took a short video of ourselves with a large green piece of paper behind us, which allowed after effects to do most of the work removing the background for us. We were taught how to resize the video and add a background, making it look better. Finally we used the skills from the first After Effects workshop to add some simple text to our video.

This is my final result:

As was the case with the first After Effects workshop, I found that this was much easier than I was expecting, and I would like to work more with green screen video in the future.


After Effects Workshop 1

In this weeks workshop we were first introduced to using After Effects to create an animated video. We began by creating what we wanted the finished product to look like, then moved backwards through the timeline to alter the start and end point of each word, using key frames.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 13.43.10
After animating each word individually, we added some unrelated audio, just to get a feel for how we could create our own kinetic typography based around an audio clip. This is my final outcome from the workshop

I found that animating in After Effects was much easier than I expected and I look forward to working more with this software in the future.