Photoshop Workshop 3

This week in our Photoshop workshop, we were introduced to the basics of animation, through making short GIFs. First we each chose a ‘sprite sheet’ off google images, which is just each frame of animation displayed like this:

Then we had to separate each image into a separate layer, and arrange them on top of each other, to replicate the movement of the bird.
Photoshop has a very simple way to animate these gifs, where it does all the work, so I simply had to click the ‘Create Frame Animation’ button, and my layers where each made into frames.
After adding a simple background off google images, my final result looked like this:


Photoshop Workshop 1

In our seminar this week we were set a task requiring us to find the letters A-Z abstractly around us and photograph them, then take those photos and make them into a poster. Since being set this task, I have had two workshops based upon Photoshop. In our first workshop we learnt about non-destructive editing, and the use of smart objects to achieve it. We also began experimenting with layer masks, which we can use to easily stitch the photographs together in a poster style. In the second workshop we were introduced to the concept of alignment, as a way to easily display images equally across a page. This is the test poster I made to practice these techniques.

Poster Test