Finished Web App

Today I finally uploaded the finished version of our web application to my dakar server:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 14.25.58


As you can see, the CSS involved in making the website was very simple, as I wanted to focus completely on the PHP, and making sure the website ran alongside the database.
As far as functionality is concerned, the website does almost everything we initially wanted it to. Users are able to:

  • create an account
  • login
  • view existing holidays
  • sort them by ‘rating’ or ‘date added’
  • add a new holiday (only if they’re logged in)
  • logout

The website also features the ‘About us’ page which I discussed here.

Unfortunately, there were also a few things we were unable to achieve, including:

  • uploading an image along with the holiday
  • searching for holidays using tags
  • clicking through on an individual holiday to view more details

Overall, I am quite pleased with the functionality of the final project, although with more time I would have liked to improve upon the CSS and make it a more visually appealing website. This project has definitely helped me improve my PHP skills drastically, as I now have a good understanding of what it can be used to do, and how to use the code to its full potential.



Development and Realisation – Final Poster Adjustments

My poster is almost complete, so to finish it off I made some small adjustments to it.

The first image is an initial finished version of my poster, and the second is the final version which I will be submitting. I decided that the colours on the first one were too drab, and so nothing on the poster really stood out at first glance. Firstly, I changed the colours of my ‘tree’, to a lighter green and brown. I think this gave it more vibrance against the dark background. I also lightened the background colour, as I felt the initial background colour just wasn’t right for the poster. Finally I changed the colour of my text, so it would stand out more on the background. I also increased the length of the ‘trunk’ of my tree to make it look more like a tree, and so I had to adjust the scaling at the side. I think this makes better use of the available area on my poster, as there is less empty space towards the top. Overall I think my final poster looks much better, and that by changing the colours I used the entire poster looks more vibrant and visually appealing.

Completed Task 4

This task required the use of After Effects to produce a piece of kinetic typography, based on an audio clip of 20 seconds or more. I chose a clip from the television show ‘Parks and Recreation’, because using a clip from something I like and am familiar with made the task much more interesting to me. Although After Effects is a relatively easy software to use, it is very time consuming, so it took several hours to create my 26 second video. This is my final outcome:

Overall, I am relatively pleased with the outcome of my video. I think I managed to time the text with the audio very well, and I used appropriate effects on each word. However, I couldn’t figure out how to transition the background colour in smoothly, so some of the scenes change quite dramatically. Despite the large amount of time I spent working on such a short video, I did enjoy using After Effects to complete this task.

Completed Task 3

Part one of this task was completed in our seminar this week. Using a strip of paper separated into twelve sections, I drew a basic shape in each section. This was then put in a Praxinoscope, allowing me to view it as animation would have been viewed many years ago. After the seminar, I took pictures of the individual sections of my strip to make into frames, and digitised it into the gif below:


The theme for this part of the task was ‘cycle’ by default, due to the cyclical nature of the Praxinoscope, but I made use of a circular shape in order to further enhance the theme.

Part two of this task required the creation of a short experimental stop motion video, created around the theme of cycle. For my first attempt at this I used Lego figures, as seen below:

I was not completely happy with this, because I didn’t use a tripod, and so struggled to take each picture from the same angle and distance, causing it to be very jumpy. It also doesn’t really capture the theme of cycle, so I made a second attempt using coins:

This worked slightly better than my previous attempt, as it is slower and not as jumpy, and focuses a little more on the theme of cycle. However I am still not 100% happy with it and in the future I would like to develop my animation skills more, to enable me to create better pieces of work.